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A TAX Refund is a reimbursement of overpaid taxes for persons in the PAYE system (Pay As You Earn). In order to receive a tax refund, You must submit a P60 from the workplace that You have been employed in, at the end of the tax year. Receiving a tax refund is possible up to 5 years retroactively.

You may apply for a refund during a current tax year if You are no longer employed in the UK or wish to leave for another country. You must submit a P45 from each place of employment in the tax year in question.


P45 is a form containing the employee’s income and tax deducted. It is issued by the employer after the employment contract has been terminated.


P60 contains the income and tax deducted from the entire tax year, including all places of employment. It is issued after the tax year has ends. 


P46 is filled out when taking up new employment and You do not have a P45 or if this is Your first job.


P11D is a form issued by the employer in order to document additional benefits that the employee has received from the company, e.g. company car, private health care etc.


P86 is filled out when first arriving or returning to the UK after a period of absence. The form allows HM Revenue & Customs to determine an address for tax and social security purposes. You receive the status of a tax resident after submitting the form, or automatically after working 183 days in the UK.


P85 is filled out when You decide to leave the UK. On the basis of the information contained in the form, the office is able to inform You of fulfilling Your tax obligations in the country.

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