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Pension for persons who paid premiums in several EU countries (e.g. in Poland and Great Britain)

The European Union does not have a single pension system. On the contrary, each Member State has its own requirements, which must be met in order to receive a pension. Nevertheless, the following rules apply everywhere:

1.   A foreigner cannot be discriminated against by the pension regulations of the country in which he/she is employed.

2.   Regardless of nationality, a citizen of the European Union is subjected to pension regulations of the country in which he/she is employed or self-employed.

Persons who during their professional life paid premiums in two or more countries of the European Union (e.g. Poland and Great Britain) can:

  • Apply for retirement benefits simultaneously in all EU countries in which they meet the requirements for pension entitlement - for example, the mandatory period of paying the insurance premium. This means that a person who has acquired pension rights in both Poland and Great Britain, should receive both benefits.

  • Total the periods in which they paid premiums in different EU countries as part of a procedure called coordination of pensions in the European Union. For instance, if in one of the countries they failed to meet the conditions necessary to obtain a pension – usually, paying premiums for too short of a period. In this case, after reaching the retirement age, You should apply for charging (transferring) the contribution period from one country to another at the appropriate office in the country where the benefit will be paid, for example from Poland to Great Britain.